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Myths of the Womb; Ella’s First Blood is a little book that tells the story of what happened when Ella had her first “moon.” Her menstruation is welcomed by her mother, grandmothers, sisters and community with a long celebration, where she receives guidance, gifts, and support for her changing body and new feelings. Wisdom is freely shared with her about the power and beauty of her ‘cycle’ and how to take care of herself.  Her experience sets the tone for her journey into womanhood with loving words and joyful blessings. 

Myths of the Womb

Ella's First Blood
by Marina Alzugary

Midwife Marina is considered a legendary leader of leaders in her global community and is ready to pass on her knowledge and life experiences to the world as an Author. Many of her stories were published by Midwifery Today Magazine. She contributed to Starhawks book the 5th Sacred Things and Midwife novels by Margot Early, a description of her midwifery journey is in Into These Hands by Geraldine Simpson.    

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