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Welcome to the world of the Sacred Womb.


Midwife Marina Alzugaray’s calling began an enchanted path of love in service to the pulse of life.


Myths of the Womb

Ella's First Blood
by Marina Alzugary

Now she shares the miracles and wisdom, a harvest of a grandmother’s work. Over 40 years as ARNP/CNM, LM/CPM traditional healer and midwife (see About Marina).


The art of healing expressed by traditional midwives is about body and soul.  It is a cosmology, uniting mother nature and motherhood. It is the reason storytelling and art, massage, herbs and prayers are used for health and to mentor communities in the healing arts.


Traditional healing is to be experienced. It is an interaction with our inner and outer nature, that is why Midwife Marina likes to teach inside water and with wild dolphins about waterbirth or to sit outdoors upon Mother Earth, mindful of the Moon, when sharing about menstrual cycles.


It is interaction with nature and the natural energy of body and soul.


Coming Soon!

Look for Myths of the Womb: `Ella’s First Blood’ a womanhood initiation story invoking the Sacred Womb.

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